Our Story


After providing in home sick care since 1993, Mark and Amelia Mata decided to start Under the Weather  in 2004. When they built their new building for their home care business in Brooklyn Park, they decided to provide sick care in a more structured environment. Not every parent is comfortable with having someone in their home, so they decided to open the sick childcare center providing an alternative option for parents.

While sitting at the kitchen counter brainstorming, they thought of the name “Under the Weather”. After eight years of Under the Weather’s existence, they found a roadblock to providing care for ALL….Money! Wanting to give back and make a larger contribution to society the “Pay what you can afford” payment model was created for the center. By doing this payment model, all children could be cared for regardless of their parent’s income. One may ask, “How can they service people for free or at a low cost?” With the support of corporations utilizing the service as a benefit for their employees, they are supporting those who may not otherwise be able to.

Throughout the years, there have been centers that have come and gone. Centers that do exist today nationwide are few at best. Those that do provide care do so with a hefty price tag. So, Mark and Amelia’s mission is to have Under the Weathers throughout the country, providing care to all children regardless of the parent’s income.

The second part of their mission is to provide opportunities to woman by gifting them ownership. Over a five year period of time, these selected woman will be given 49% ownership of Under the Weather.

During the first five years, they will only need to give of their time and energy to Under the Weather. The startup cost, policies/procedures, logos, name etc. will all be given by Mark and Amelia. They will provide support and help to make each center, in each state successful, so that those new owners can then pay it forward by doing the same to the next center(s) within that state. The new owner will then provide startup costs and mentorship to the next new owner (with Mark and Amelia’s help), so on and so on. There will be no franchise fees. The ultimate goal for Mark and Amelia is to have these centers nationwide, so that all families throughout the country can benefit from this needed service.

They would appreciate any support or feedback you may have in this venture to change the way the world thinks about other people and the way in which this country does business.

About Us


Our Mission is to provide sick child care to all children, regardless of their parent’s income, so that parents can remain productive at work. Care is provided in the home and in a center environment. All of this done without compromising quality of care, safety of children, or conditions of the centers.

Our in home services have been provided since 1993. In 2004 the first center was built in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

Our Corporate Companies provide support to their employees by paying for services (80-100%), so their employees can be at work.

In home care is provided in the comfort of the child’s home. The caregiver travels to the home, providing a convenient service to the family. Parents then pay an hourly rate for care.

Our licensed center(s) provide care in a clean and safe environment. Parents’ pay on a “Pay what you can afford” payment system. Parents decide what they are able to pay for the day.