• Children are nurtured, and cared for by professional care givers so parents can be at work.
  • The dynamics of families has changed, sick childcare helps support parents and families that are struggling to find resources for their sick child.
  • Some parents are at risk of losing their jobs due to a sick child.  The cost to hire and retrain a new employee is staggering.
  • Increase in productivity, which in turn affects the bottom line.
  • Woman will have an opportunity to own/run their own business.
  • Owners have an opportunity to collaborate and work with others to become successful in their businesses through a “pay what you can afford” payment model.
  • Owners will be able to make a substantial living, while improving living conditions for humanity.
  • Owners will be able to “pay it forward” through mentoring of new owners.
  • Public health benefit: when children get sick, it effects everyone eventually. They get other children sick, who then take it home, parents then bring the sickness to work
  • Less spreading of sickness.