Business Partnerships

Why join us in partnership?

  • Reduce the spread of illness in the work place.  Sick care is not just a problem for parents, it’s a problem for employers as well.  As children get sick, they pass it to other children, then children bring it home to their parents.  The parents in turn, bring it to work and pass it to their co-workers.  This is an ongoing public health issue and our solution can help to minimize the spread of illness.
  • Supporting this service increases office morale.  Employees no longer pass their work demands onto co-workers, which in return will create a positive work environment for all.
  • Sick care provides options to parents who otherwise may not have other resources readily available to them.

It’s as easy as …

  • Tell your employer about sick care.
  • Share on your website and we will do the same.

Our Business Partners