Center Licensed Care

Separation of Children:

The Center is licensed for up to 56 children, ages 16 months to 12 years. There is a one to four ratio of Caregiver to Child. Children are accessed and separated according to type of illness to safeguard that  they are not exposed to a different illness.  The Center takes extensive measures to ensure a clean, healthy environment, including disinfecting toys after each use, ongoing hand washing by children and caregivers, throughly cleaning and disinfecting of rooms and common areas every night.

General Info:

Click on links for important information about our licensed  care center.

  • Pre-Registration Materials –  Forms can either be fax or brought in when you bring in your child for their first visit.
  • Directions – Information on locating our Childcare Center.
  • What to Bring – Please provide meals and snacks for your child when they visit the Center.  A suggested list of meal items and other items to remember.
  • Activity Schedule – What your child will be doing during their visit.
  • Separation Rules – How we will protect your child.
  • Program Plan – Our written program plan.
  • Qualifications – Who will be caring for your child.
  • Room Photos – See photos of our childcare areas.


Our “Affordable Sick Care” program allows parents to decide what they can afford.  A rate of $10.00 per hour up to $285 per day, allows parents to still have affordable care, and be at work while a professional is caring for their child.


Corporate sponsorship/contracting helps to support the cost of care.  Contact your Human Resources
Department to add this to your benefits package.


Click here to see if your company is currently participating.