Kids Corner


GeorgeHi my name is George! I bet you’re wondering what the red dots are on my body are…it’s called chicken pox! They’re itchy and uncomfortable but my mom said after my Oatmeal bath and some medication, I will be feeling healthy very soon. In the meantime, I just finished reading The Adventures of Captain Under Pants and the Attack of the Talking Toilet…those are my favorite books! What are yours?


When I’m not sick I like to play on the playground with my friends. I love the slides on the playground. I also collect rocks, my collection is pretty neat! Do you collect anything?


AmeliaHello! My name is Amelia! I have a fever today so I’ll be staying in. My dad gave me some medicine so I should be feeling better in no time! I just finished taking a cool bath to help bring my fever down, so I’m going to watch my favorite movie Frozen! Have you seen it? My favorite character is Elsa! I enjoy singing all the songs from the movie too!


I’m missing school today because I don’t want to get my classmates sick, but when I’m at school my favorite class is Art and Music. What’s your favorite class? While at school they teach us to wash our hands after activities and using the restroom. I learned that by washing our hands we can help keep each other healthy!


CookieMmm Coookies! Yup! That’s right, I love cookies and my name is Cookie! I love baking cookies with my mommy, my favorite cookies are M&M cookies. What are yours? My arm is in a sling because I had a small accident. It hurts a little bit but by having it in this sling, my mommy says my arm will heal faster.


I love to color in my Dora the Explorer coloring book. My favorite color is purple. What’s your favorite color? I love my doll Sugar, she goes with me everywhere, she’s my best friend. Do you have a best friend?


LouieAhhchoo! Oh excuse me! Hi I’m Louis! I have the sniffles and I’ve been feeling kind of icky lately but I’m sure thankful for my medicine and tissues! My mom told me when I sneeze, I need to cover my mouth, so I’ve been using my arm to block the yucky germs from spreading. It’s always important to make sure to cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough so you don’t get your friends and family sick too! Days when I’m home from school, it’s important to rest and drink lots of liquids! Did you see the last episode of Guardians of the Galaxy?! I was totally blown away! That’s my favorite show. I also like learning about outer space, and science is my favorite class and I’m always excited to explore nature. What do you like to learn about? Hope you feel better!


MarkieMmmm Chicken Noodle soup always makes me feel better when I’m sick! Hey there! I’m Markie and my dad says it’s important to eat healthy food while sick so you can feel better faster! When I’m not sick, I like to ride my bike. I’m learning how to ride it without my training wheels. It’s kind of hard but my dad says I will learn in no time! Can you ride a bike? For now, I can’t ride my bike until I feel better so in the meantime I’m enjoying indoor activities. I like to paint pictures of me and my family riding our bikes. I like to go to the park with my family and play kickball with the other kids. What’s your favorite outdoor activity?


MaxwellHi, I’m Maxwell. I like Bahh-knee (Barney) aaan Faahwhens (Friends). I shhick (sick), no feel good. Mr. Beary ish mah faahwhen. You have faahwhens too?! I take medishin (Medicine) to feel aalll bedder (Better), hope you feel aalll bedder too!